Hello, I’m Genki

I’m an interdisciplinary artist, designer && frontend developer.

recent work

Pedal California

Pedal California is an immersive installation art piece that transforms the meaning of endurance art.... Read More Read More

recent work


Trackwalk is an experimental, interactive walk around a racetrack. As a racer, I find it... Read More Read More

Things I write About

Apr 29

Sketch AppleWatch, Watchkit Icons

A simple template for creating and exporting Icons from Sketch in the proper sizes needed for your watch app in Xcode. It does not include the iOS app icons (for your phone homescreen).

Need a Photoshop template version?

Apr 23

 WatchKit to Parse Tutorial - Part two︎ coming soon

In this second half of the tutorial, we’ll concentrate on pulling down data from Parse, and displaying the emoji’s that we sent up to parse in part one on the phone app, and watch app with...

Apr 22

 WatchKit to Parse Tutorial - Part one

This was an interesting learning curve for me, and figuring out the Async/ sync characteristics of openParentApplication() in watch kit had me stumped for a bit. I hope to demystify, and simplify opening the parent application from the ...

Apr 18

 Apple Watch & WatchKit⌚︎

Designing Apple Watch apps, and developing them with the current WatchKit, for the initial release of the watch is both extremely exciting and frustrating. On one hand (pun!) we have a new piece of hardware with fun sensors and possibil...

Mar 24

SVG vs. PNG vs. JPEG

This is a simple experiement that takes a look at the performance (quality/size) of flat, jpg & png images vs SVG’s. In this case, SVG’s are inline. Flat images are exported from illustrator, Save for we...

Feb 28

Writing CSS animations, cleanly

Reimagining my workflow is something I am constantly doing by experimenting with new techniques, tools, etc. Lately I’ve been writing my CSS animations in a couple of different ways, and I just want to quickly share the method I’ve ...