Picture of me


Hi! I’m Genki Hagata. I’m an interdisciplinary artist and designer. I balance a design business with my art practice and enjoy merging the two in front-end web development.

I have a formal education in photography, graphic design and digital media art; which has led me to love all forms of design, and code. I’ve worked with everything from print design, web design, animation, video, and web design. I have been an Art Director, project manager, leader, UI/ UX Designer, Production artist, and web developer at different times. I have a passion for exploration and continue to learn something new everyday that I can use on a future project.

Off the computer, I strive to be an athlete. I cycle, run, and race motorcycles. I love cycling and am constantly pushing to ride longer and further; which is evident in my Pedal California project. I believe that even though I (and other designers/developers) can sometimes spend an entire day on the computer, staying active and healthy is important for both work and life.


My art is made using a wide array of ever changing digital and physical tools. Ranging from a pencil and paper to Javascript, Max/MSP, HTML, CSS, 3D, Arduino, Projectors, and a handful of other programming languages. Digital tools are constantly evolving; which entices me to explore the outer limits of the tools I use with each project; this is especially true with web technology. Inspired by technology and the web, I am constantly trying to find a balance between them, and nature.

Using physical computing devices (sensors, Arduino, etc.) and programming, I create environments that invoke personal stories and feelings for each individual experiencing that environment. The work is aimed to create engagement, interaction, stories and experiences rather than communicating my own personal message or statements.