Swatch Watch - Time-lapse

A stress test on the GoPro Hero 2

The first simple test for the recording of Pedal California, is a baseline to determine how the GoPro handles being plugged into the 20000mah Anker Battery. first a GoPro Hero 2 Equipped with 32GB SD card then a Hero 3+ with 128GB micro SD card. Based on manufacture stats and research, the GoPro Hero HD2 that I’m using for testing should record up to 8 hours and 9 minutes (489minutes). My concern is that the Camera will get too hot, the battery will get too hot, or for some unknown reason, the recording will stop. The same concerns are true for the Hero 3.


Even though I was testing inside of a climate controlled room, I expected the camera to get much hotter (based on some research) but infact, it stayed constant at around 105°f.

The Anker 20k battery also performed great, using less than a quarter of its charge to keep the camera running for almost 8 hours.

The camera + 32GB card ended up recording a solid 7 hours and 46 minutes, just shy of the time in the statistics. I’m sure if the card had been reformatted recently or similar, that The time could have been longer. In any case, this is good news for scaling up the quality, as well as the memory capacity. I’m looking forward to seeing good results from the final equipment.


Camera: GoPro HeroHD 2, 720p @ 30fps 100% battery
Memory: SanDisk Etxtreme 32GB Class10
External Batt.: Anker 20,0000mAh Astro Pro2 , 23% consumed

time room° cam° batt° batt%
0:00 79.2° 87.5° 85.6° 92%
1:00 78.7° 105.3° 83.5° 90%
2:00 77.5° 102.1° 82.1° 86%
5:00 77.1° 104.9° 83.9° 77%
6:00 78.6° 106.7° 85.0° 74%
7:00 74.7° 100.8° 80.1° 71%

GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

I repeated the same test above, this time on the Hero 3+ Black edition; this is the camera I’ll actually be using on the trip. I was pretty sure this test wouldn’t be a problem. I’m planning on recording at 1080/60 so I knew the memory consumption would be higher, thus the 128GB micro SD. With this setup, I was surprised that with 128GB, I could only record for about 6 hours and 15min. On the plus side, the battery is not an issue and will much sooner fill up multiple memory cards than run out of power.


Camera: GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, 1080p @60fps 100% battery
Memory: 128GB SanDisk Class10 MicroSD
External Batt: Anker 20,0000mAh Astro Pro2 , 42% consumed