Frontend frameworks

what I use, how I use them & what are they good for

With the ever advancing web, I find myself trying to stay on top of the latest and greatest html/ css frameworks. Whether is is highly popular, or underground punk rock, I’m constantly looking for the next framework for my future projects. As of the last year, I’ve gravitated to the major three (in my opinion) Foundation, Bourbon and Bootstrap. Each has their own merits and it can be argued that there are better frameworks out there, I know.

I don’t want to focus on one particular framework but I rather on the need to find a suitable framework and the FOMO (fear of missing out) that comes with trying to keep up with the latest. Every project or idea has its own requirements and can benefit from a number of features. Some frameworks come built in with the convenient and trendy javascript plug-ins, which in some cases is why I choose to use a particular one over another. For example, if you need a jumbotron/ orbit slider, you would probably go for Bootstrap or Foundation since both make it very easy to add one in.

The reason for all of these frameworks or systems out there is to speed up production and keep your production DRY (don’t repeat yourself methodology). That reason in mind, frameworks serve best for rapid prototyping and building proof of concept pages, or of course, the simple marketing pages. I want to advocate the use of frameworks for the previously mentioned reasons as well as provide for more time to develop custom and unique pieces of future projects.

By reducing the amount of time one spends designing and developing the standard and repetitive portions of a website, an opportunity to focus energy on innovating web technology opens up and I believe that in this opportunity is where skilled developers and designers can help move the web into an interesting place. I know that some of the savviest dev’s out there can take pride on building everything from scratch, but their talents can be spent elsewhere. In the space of non repetitive development and time to be creative is where I believe a large portion of innovation can be. This of course isn’t limited to html/ css frameworks.