Pedal California

immersive interactive endurance art

Pedal California is an immersive installation art piece that transforms the meaning of endurance art. It takes an art form that is generally thought as to strictly performative and makes it interactive. Viewers become participants in propelling the virtual journey forward by riding the same bike I rode down the coast of California in the original trek.

I recorded the entire bike ride from Santa Cruz to Pismo Beach with a helmet mounted gyro-cam (which took its toll on my neck). The video was then translated to a large, custom built curved projection screen where the audience was required to pedal through the video; as if they were riding the exact path I had.

Pedal California has come a long way since I originally thought of the idea almost a year ago. It took a good amount of training and a lot of preparation to complete it. I knew that in order to build out what I envisioned in my head, I would need a good amount of funding; which led to my Kickstarter experiment in crowd funding. Thanks to my wonderful supporters and everyone who believed in this project, I reached my funding goal and was able to build Pedal California to its potential.

This project was successfully funded by kickstarter

In its initial showing, Pedal California received raving reviews from all of its viewers and participants. From Children to Adults of all ages, hundreds of people had a chance to experience California. Even though there was only

crowd of kids viewing the project in a gallery spaceViewers look on as one pedals through the projection and others enjoy the photographs.

riding on the bikeRiding the bike through the Big Sur area, Bixby Bridge along Highway 1

Pedal California is the feature piece in my current Physical Presence in Digital Nature series. As I continue to explore virtual environments and virtual reality (along with some augmented reality), I plan on building upon what I’ve created here. I don’t know if I would say I’m fascinated by virtual reality, but I’m very interested in exploring its potential.

You can read the original project brief here and you can read more about the different parts of the project below.

Thank you for your support!

A view of the bike with no rider, left at the previously pedaled to spotA view of the bike with no rider, left at the previously pedaled to spot